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You do not have to go far for a change of scenery; a Florida Staycation or Vacation may be just the thing to cure your Covid-19 cabin fever!


Studies have shown that immersing yourself in the outdoors has positive chemical effects that help battle depression and anxiety.

If you’re a bit nervous about de-toxing and totally unplugging, you’ll find all the amenities of modern life at Fisherman’s Cove Resort, including close access to shops and the grocery store, with just a dash of nature.


Packing up


Make sure you pack all the necessities for a relaxing weekend away. Nothing is more stressful than having to run out for those need-to-have items.


  • Firewood:Get cozy around the fire and tell stories, sans cell phone.


  • Lights: Bring fairy lights or bistro lights to have outdoors while you make dinner or sit by the fire.


  • Coffee: No one wants to make an early morning run. Make sure to pack all you need (creamer, sugar, flavoring) for your morning cup of java!


  • Fishing Equipment: Fishing on Lake Harris is great year round and you can fish right form the dock.


  • Golf Clubs: Play our challenging 9 hole short course while visiting – don’t have clubs? No worries! We have a few loaner sets available, check in with the office if you need them.


  • Swimsuit, Towel, Sunblock: The pool is open and the sun is shining! Enjoy this wonderful time of year poolside.


Embrace your quality time with your loved one, while also supporting the local economy and a family owned small business. Don’t be afraid to break away from the nightly routine. Spending a night in the outdoors may make for a wild date night.

More and more evidence suggests that spending time in the outdoors and in nature can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression in individuals. … Outdoor recreation helps boost self-esteem, helps one feel in control, more confident, create relationships, release endorphins, and feel more independent. So during this highly stressful time dealing with the Covid-19 virus we want you to know you have a place to go –  to kick back, relax and distress.


It is time to book your Florida Staycation or Vacation  in your RV or in one of our Lodge Units at Fisherman’s Cove Resort!


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