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Some say living in an RV during these troubled time is the best place to be, others are feeling the pains of National and State Park closures, forestry lands closures and even the closing of some amenities at RV resorts. We are here to update you on the current situation.


How is the situation in Florida?


The Beaches, Key West, most Restaurants (except for take-out) are closed. Bars are either closed or have a curfew. If you are not in the state the Governor is asking that you do not come. But if you are here, this is a much better place to be than CA or the Northeast!

Currently the weather is perfect in Florida, a resourceful person can still find a spot to access the beach, the marinas are very busy putting folks out on the water to fish and enjoy the distance away from others and still be able to be outdoors in the sunshine and fishing. Many pools remain open – but you may find it difficult to get a haircut or manicure with most non essential businesses closed or closing.

Florida’s theme parks likely will stay closed for awhile longer, probably well into April, possibly May. There have been many other event cancellations as well. But with so much else to enjoy in Florida during the spring many are not feeling like their schedules are empty.

Golf Courses in Florida remain open, as we previously mentioned many private property pools are open as well (as long as everyone remembers to keep a safe distance from each other and not to gather in groups over 10. Gyms and fitness centers have been closed for safety.

Florida is a large state with many remaining wide open spaces, there are many places to get out and walk with your spouse and or dog, maybe do some bird watching, check out the scenery and wildlife, bicycle or kayak. Living in Florida is all about the outdoors; just ask a local where to go!


5 Things to Know About Florida Attractions Still Open


Making the most of your stay at Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort


We are busy as ever here at Fisherman’s Cove! The marina has us hopping with all the boats wanting to get out on beautiful Lake Harris. Many of our wintering guests have chosen to “ride out the storm” with us and are enjoying the warm sunny days. Gas prices are under $2.00 so day trips are more affordable and we have such a wide selection of restaurants nearby providing take out (and no better place to enjoy a meal than lakeside here at the resort. The golf course and Shuffleboard courts remain open, pool and laundry are open as well. The Marina Store has a bit to help you with “retail therapy”.

Our cleaning staff is working diligently to keep the property extra clean! We are wiping down surfaces in heavily traveled areas multiple times a day and bathrooms are being cleaned to more regularly.

We hope that you will still choose to join us if you are planning a “staycation” soon. Also, if you have been displaced by one of the parks or another facility please consider giving us a try.


RV Event Cancellations


RV-related shows around the country have all be cancelled. In addition, the Escapees RV Club has cancelled or postponed all events currently scheduled through June 17. This includes Convergences, Hangouts, and Head-out Program (HOP) events as well as the RV Lifestyle RVers Boot Camps. FMCA recently cancelled its March convention in Tucson, has now cancelled its summer rally scheduled for Aug. 26-29 in Lincoln, Neb.

Many National Parks that were partially closed are now closing their gates. Click here for the most recent list of closures we have found to date.


Park Closings


Some state parks and campgrounds are closing or changing their procedures for camping due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Below is a list of public and private campgrounds, RV parks and dispersed camping locations that are either closed, not accepting new reservations or are operating with restrictions Source:


Open RV Parks and Campgrounds
National Park Closures
Army Corp of Engineers (COE) Closures
Chain Campground Closures
Military Campground Closures
State-by-State Closures & Responses
More Resources


For RV’ers that full time depends on camp host positions at parks and recreation areas, loosing “home” now can be almost terrifying. Those with little to know income that have chosen to live in an RV boondocking or similar are finding nowhere to go and are encountering serious issues and are pretty much “homeless” as far as location is concerned. We need to keep them in mind as we travel and as always we need to remember to be kind to each other


The RV’er family is large, and though we may not be close to everyone we need to let our lights shine and remember we are all in this together.

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