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Tips to consider before going “full time” in your RV.

Here are 11 tips that other full-timers wish they knew before they started:


1. The basic comforts are there and the family inside is what is important”, Dave and Ann Zimmerman
Read more about their story at, or follow them on Instagram (Dave), Instagram (Ann), or Facebook.


2. “Changing our mindset removed a lot of stress, we had to learn that we never missed anything while traveling, instead we were leaving it for a future trip”, Michael and Crissa Boyink
You can follow the Boyinks and join their tribe at


3. “I wish we fully understood all of the different RV mechanical systems a little better before we took off, like limitations of RV batteries, holding tanks, and electrical system.
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4. “travel a bit more slowly and savor every experience”, Jason and Kristin Snow
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5. On shopping for your RV “ consider your basic everyday needs and preferences and narrow them down to the top 3-5 “Must Haves. ” that will support them. Avoid being distracted or seduced by fancy bells, whistles and gadgets – instead focus your attention on key, structural elements to find a floorplan and layout that you can truly enjoy and be comfortable living in.” Marc & Julie Bennett

They share their RVing experiences, travels, and tips and how to live and love the RV lifestyle at, and on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


6. “We wish we knew how easy it was to work remotely. If we had known that we would have bought a different RV initially because after just 8 months on the road we extended our trip to indefinitely and upgraded to a much larger 5th wheel.” Eric and Danielle Hannan
You can follow the Hannans (and their newborn daughter) at and their Facebook page.


7. “I wish I had been given a list of ‘must have’ tools to keep on board and a little better understanding on the workings of my particular RV” Ingrid and Al
Keep up with Al and Ingrid’s travels at


8. “This lifestyle is only a happily-ever-after for those people whose personality is compatible with it. Can you learn to be okay with less certainty and stability in your life? Will you be content with less living space and less stuff? Can you be happy without a solid and consistent community network?” Becky Schade


Read more about her adventures at, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

9. “In hindsight, I wish I’d paid closer attention to how well insulated the RV was before purchasing. Our fifth wheel trailer brand boasted of having a “Polar Package” and touted all kinds of incredible “R” insulation values, but in real world use, the insulation has fallen short of my expectations.” Ray Burr
Read more about Ray’s story at, or follow his adventures on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter.
James and Stef, The Fit RV


10. I wish I had known that a wet bath in a Class B RV is actually not that bad. And I wish I had known that I have sort of an addiction to RV modifications and upgrades (I haven’t stopped since).” James and Stef
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11. “I wish I knew that full-timing with debt of ANY kind is a dumb idea—even if it’s a RV loan. The only way for me to experience real freedom in this world was by cutting the ties to lenders.” Rene Agredano and Jim Nelson
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