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For some unknown reason, central Florida and the state’s west coast seem to draw an unusual number of emigrants from the Midwest, whereas newcomers from New York and New England seem to prefer the Atlantic side of the peninsula. Read more



Why do Midwesterners favor the West and Northeasterners the East? Also, how do these migratory patterns impact any cultural differences between the regions?


Birds of a feather flock together


Midwesterners take highways/interstates down that connect more with I75 and the West coast while NE takes I95 down and end up in East Florida? The slower pace in retirement towns on the West coast seems to fit the age that congregates on the West coast. Only in recent years have Sarasota and Tampa become destination for younger residents as well.


Many find it comforting to see local sporting locations filled with folks wearing their hometown jerseys, others enjoy spending time with folks that are familiar with their hometown histories and stories. Once you find a place with others “like you” folks tend to be more encouraged to travel to that location again, and encourage others to join them.

Even though people say Midwest goes west, you might be surprised at the numbers of people from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan living or wintering in the Center of the state.


Maybe it can be broken down to age of people moving here and the family members visiting them. With so much growth on the west central corridor of Florida there are now more new towns, schools, and attractions than ever. Who would not want to visit their grandkids in Florida if they are from the Midwest in winter! It is too easy to load up the RV and head south from November till April and head down to enjoy all the big holidays in the sunshine.


Whatever the reason folks visit from the Midwest, we are glad to host them. It is our mission to make visitors from all parts feel welcome and like family! If you are looking for a new place to visit in West Central Florida we would be honored if you give us a try!


Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort and Marina in Tavares, Lake County Florida is centered within over 1000 lakes and rolling hills of awe inspiring natural beauty.


Where the rolling hills of central Florida meet Lake Harris and the Harris Chain of lakes, Fisherman’s Cove is more than a getaway, it is a way of life. It is a state of mind. This is a place to stretch out and breathe and be a part of nature. Fish one of the 1,000 area lakes, hike or bike one of the areas many trails or explore one of the historic towns of Tavares, Eustis or Mount Dora.


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